Ian Munroe

Ian is an amateur photographer, analyst, and alumni of Robert Morris University.

Currently employed by Confluence as a Regulatory Reporting Data Analyst, it is Ian's job to help ensure client data is clean and orderly to report to regulators.

Formerly employed by the RMU's School of Business, Ian's goal was to improve their social media program and bring more awareness to their AACSB accredited program. This was accomplished through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogs. 

The Gallery features a selection of photos from my portfolio. An archive of select photos are stored on my Flickr page.

Nova Scotia. Day 1.

First things first, I can not get over how nice and considerate everyone is. I know Americans always joke about how nice Canadians are, but is true. All of the Canadians I have run into so far are so bloody nice. It was a little weird at first, because when I was walking through Toronto-Pearson Int'l Airport I figured it was due to it being an airport. But once I got to Halifax and I was dealing with Canadian civilians (other than Adam and Jessica) I realized how nice everyone was. 

Then I started to see Nova Scotia from the ground. Two words: Blue. Water. 

I've seen blue water before, I've been to a good beach and I saw how blue that water was, however. The water here reflects the sky in such a way that the color it gives is outstanding. Jaw droppingly outstanding. The greens of the grass and the fields. Oh my god, I want to live here. My grandparents used to vacation here and I can see why. Even the smell of the bodies of water are amazing.

You know when someone you know enters into a new relationship and they go on and on and on and on about how awesome the other person is and it annoys the living hell out of you? That's me with Canada. I know everything isn't as peachy as it looks and there are some crummy areas but because the people are a million times better than they are in America, I can deal with everything else better. 

I'm keeping this short, I'm editing some photos I took yesterday and I'm catching up on some of my other projects, but I'll be writing here and there on my adventures. And I'm sure I'll go on and on and on how I love they dual language system they have and the food and the Tim Hortons and everything else, but that'll come later. 

Right now, back to work and gazing out my window into the glorious blue skies. 

Don't be afraid to contact me, after all, what's the worse that could happen? I don't reply. The world won't end, I promise.