Ian Munroe

Ian is an amateur photographer, analyst, and alumni of Robert Morris University.

Currently employed by Confluence as a Regulatory Reporting Data Analyst, it is Ian's job to help ensure client data is clean and orderly to report to regulators.

Formerly employed by the RMU's School of Business, Ian's goal was to improve their social media program and bring more awareness to their AACSB accredited program. This was accomplished through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogs. 

The Gallery features a selection of photos from my portfolio. An archive of select photos are stored on my Flickr page.

Where I've Been, Where I'm At, Where I'm Going (hopefully over there).

I've been about as busy as one man could be, and I feel it every day I wake up.

Where I've Been and Where I'm At.
This term is one of the more academically challenging I have had, but I welcome the work. I felt up to this point I haven't been challenged enough, and now I have my wish. I have five big papers this term across four classes, and I'm in the process of finishing two. One is on Monsanto for my Corporate, Government, and Social Responsibility class, and the other is on the American Federation of Teachers union for my Labor Management class. 
One of the reasons I'm not worried about this term is the professors I have four out of the five I have are some of the best professors around. The one I left out is an adjunct professor teaching class that horribly redundant and he knows it. It's sad, it's sad because the class can be very useful if it's structured right and there is class participation. However my class is filled with underachievers and bums and the drive for anyone to do anything is hard. Rather than focus how to write a more effective persuasive or position paper, the curriculum requires that we read essay after essay showing two sides of one problem and discuss what makes them different.
I like this concept, if the class is engaged enough it works rather awesomely. But in my class it just falls flat on its face. Two to four people talk, and it's always the same two to four people. It's sad, and infuriating.
My other classes are going swimmingly, Labor Management, Principals of Marketing, Corporate, Social and Government Responsibility and Organizational Behavior. I am really enjoying this term, I cannot express that more.

I also got a job on the People for Peduto campaign, I'm an intern at the campaign office. I help out there two to three days a week. So far I've only made campaign calls and helped out on campaign launch at the AFT headquarters on the south side of Pittsburgh.  I love the job and the people I work with, the only problem is that it's on the east end of town. I love the east side of town, but it sucks that I'm stuck living on the west end of town and I have to drive 20 miles to get there.
Since I've started work on the campaign, a few of my professors have asked me how it has been going and what I've been doing. Two of my professors tried to see if I could get academic credit for my internship, but my free electives have been filled. We're currently trying to get me Student Engagement credit for it, but there's plenty of paperwork to fill out and track. One of the more hilarious things to come from this is that one of my professors was in Prague just this past week and guess who else was there? Bill Peduto. So Mr. Peduto and one of my professors had a little discussion about me.
The world is the size of a pin point.

As if I could not get any busier at this point, I am also work two jobs. One worth mentioning and the other not worth a grain of sand. The one worth talking about is within RMU's School of Business, I am one of three social media assistants for the School of Business. This pretty much entails me writing blog posts over a few departments within the school and analyze the viewership over the blogs and track who is reading what and for how long.

Where I'm Going.
Amanda and I are still on track for our wedding in December, we just mailed out the invitations a week ago and we're getting RSVPs in everyday. We have very little left to take care of, we just got our DJ squared away and we're looking at videos on YouTube to teach ourselves to dance.
We're getting excited for the day, we look at our countdown clock and we get all kinds of giddy. We've worked out the titles for our respective parties, and we've also decided what to do for our bachelor/bachelorette party.
The honeymoon I think we have finally settled, we're going to unplug and hide out in a cabin for a few days. Gateway Lodge. So if you have an inkling to contact me or Amanda, don't. Cause we wont answer, hell, I probably will only have my phone and that will be off!

So in conclusion, I'm busy. Now leave me alone, I'm sure I'm running late for something.

Don't be afraid to contact me, after all, what's the worse that could happen? I don't reply. The world won't end, I promise.